Miss Monocle

Digital Artist
Comic Artist
Queer Creative

Miss Monocle is a PNW based digital artist.
She is the main artist and writer for the comic, Murphy's Law, an LGBTQ+/Action/Slice of Life comic that follows the lives of mutant teens in New York City.

Commission Pricing

Commission Status: OPEN

Commissions I Will Do:
Original CharactersD&D CharactersFan ArtMild GorePersonal Work
Commissions I Will Not Do:
NSFW ArtExtreme GoreMechaHateful Content (Up to my Discretion)Commercial Work

Please be Aware
Prices may increase depending on the level of detail requestedBackground prices will be determined while discussing the commissionAny extra characters added will be an extra 50% of the price

Line Art Only
Bust | $15 USD
Half Body | $25 USD
Full Body | $30 USD

Flat Colors
Bust | $20 USD
Half Body | $30 USD
Full Body | $40 USD

Full Render
Bust | $45 USD
Half Body | $60 USD
Full Body | $75 USD

Full Render Only | $20

Sizing Examples


Half Body

Full Body


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